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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 KOSNIC LIGHTING www.kosnic.com Emergency Range 3 standard warranty Years 5 extended warranty by application Years 4 battery warranty Years Code Description Watt Lumen CCT EESN0105S65 Standard 5W 190lm 6500K EESN0105S65/S Self-test 5W 190lm 6500K Mulu IP65 Emergency exit sign/bulkhead luminaire Manot IP65 Multi-purpose emergency exit bulkhead Code Description Watt Lumen CCT ESGN0305R65 Standard 3W/6W 60 / 150lm 4000K ESGN02-PSL Left ESGN02-PSR Right ESGN02-PSU Up Exit Sign ESGN-PFR Spring Clips for Recessed Installation ESGN01-PSLR Left & Right ESGN01-PSU Up ESGN01-PSD Down Hanging Exit Sign Emergency Module CEW03LIL/N Standard 3W - - CEW03LIL/S Self-test 3W - - CEW05LIL/N Standard 5W - - CEW05LIL/S Self-test 5W - - Code Description Watt Lumen CCT Standard and self-test UEM for all Class III LED fittings Standard and self-test EME for LED DD lamps CEC02LBL/N Standard 2W - - CEC03LBL/S Self-test 3W - - Standard and self-test EME for LED batten luminaires CEW05LBL/N Standard 5W - - CEW05LBL/S Self-test 5W - - Orda Code Watt Lumen CCT KEML03TS2 3W 320lm 6500K KEML07TS1 7W 470lm 6000K Twin spot emergency light Non-maintained LED emergency downlight EDWL03C20/STD-WHT Standard 2.3W 150lm 6500K EDWL03C20/STD-CHM Standard 2.3W 150lm 6500K EDWL03C20/STD-BAS Standard 2.3W 150lm 6500K EDWL03C20/COR-WHT Corridor 2.3W 200lm 6500K Nitro Nitro Surface Surface-Mount Non-Maintained LED Emergency Downlight ESFC03CS20/STD Standard 2.3W 150lm 6500K ESFC03CS20/S-STD Self-test 2.3W 700lm 6500K Nitro Self-test Self-test Non-maintained LED emergency downlight EDWL03C20/S-STD-WHT 3W 150lm 6500K Code Watt Lumen CCT